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About Name Change

Documents Required For Name Change

If you wish to obtain the above service you get ready with following documents and further we will proceed for your name change

  • We Need OLD ID and New Name only
  • Name Change Affidavit:- Every one have to prepare a name change affidavit with mention of proper specific reason.
  • 2 Witnesses with Pan Card and Address Proof.
  • Publish Newspaper Advertisement:-Every one have to do name change announcement should be published in all major national newspapers
  • Notification In Government Gazette:-The name change notification must be published in Indian Government Gazette
  • The name change notification must be published in Indian Government Gazette.
Kindly read carefully and arrange all documents which me mention and send us at our email id info@namechnagen or whta app us 09540005045.

  • Physical precence of person at name change office.
  • Digital Signature CD
  • 2 Passport Size photos.
  • In case of foreign national NOC / No impediment from concerned embassy.

What Is Name Change?

Name change generally refers to the legal act by a person of adopting a new name different from their name at birth, marriage or adoption. The procedures and ease of a name change vary between jurisdictions

When People Do Name Chnage?

In India, Name change is basically a legal process, by which a individual takes Name different from the name at the time of birth due to :► Marriage, ► Divorce, ► Re Marriage after Divorcee, ► Re Marriage of widow, ► Astrology, ► Change of gender, ► Change of Religion, ► Adoption for Minor, ► Numerology, ► Spelling Mistake, ► Name wrongly in Records, ► Dissatisfied with current names, ► Take Stage name.

Eligibility For Name Change In India.

Eligibility For Name Change In India. 1 there is no age matter in this like :-An Indian above the age of 18 years (for Girl), and 21 years (for Boy). 2 But its Mandatory that person should be from Indian Region 3 You have valid Gov Id of India 4 And if you minor then parent should be from India

Name Chnage Supplementary Information

  • Our executive will collect the above documents from your home if you live in Delhi NCR and Youcan Whta's App Ph :-09540005002 or Mail Your Documents to us namechnage.in@gmail.com.
  • Once we Get your document,Then Will prepare your file LEGALLY within 1 to 3 day in Tatkal Process and in 4 to 10 Days in Normal Process . Process to Name change office, and appointment from the concerned Gov Offical will be arranged
  • Once file will be ready, Will handed over to you for Signature and ask for the day of Appointment in Name change office..
  • Name Change office opens at MONDAY to FRIDAY only.
  • You Have to carry all Orginal and Photo Copy of document which you give us on What's App or Mail (On the day of Appointment)
  • Once you agree to visit Name chnage office According to your free time .You have to gave your 2 to 3 hr in There.
  • Appointment can be arranged as per your convenience on working days only.
  • Witnesses can be relatives, friends, neighbours or parents.
  • Once name chnage will be done in GOV office , you will get Certificate in (TC* Totally depend upon on Package you take).
  • If any client wishes to submit documents at office, he/she can do so from Monday to Saturday 9AM to 6PM.

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